Planet Earth LLC

Vikky Alexander, Linder, Pam K – American Gardens

The history of capitalism is the history of revolutionizing nature. Capitalist civilization therefore does not have an ecological regime; it is an ecological regime. Capitalism is a way of shaping, channeling and negotiating the terms of the oikos. This is, of course, not something specific to capitalism. All civilizations do this in one way or another. Capitalism’s distinctiveness lies in how it organizes quasi-stable relations between humans and the rest of nature in service of endless accumulation….Through this praxis capitalist and territorialists agencies seek to create new Natures as objects of power and production, and as new and expended sources of unpaid work/energy. Jason Moore, Capitalism and the Web of Life

Planet Earth LLC is honored to present our inaugural exhibition, American Gardens, which includes the work of Linder, Pam K and Vikky Alexander along side a design program presented in collaboration with Magen H Gallery. The three artists included critique imperial/colonialist and capitalist structures as well as gender power dynamics through collage and appropriation. Displayed in King-Lui Wu’s 1956 commission the DuPont House, a modernist masterpiece made with collaborative elements from Joseph Albers, the site parallels the tensions present in the work – domesticity, rigorous structure, indulgence and organic life.

Vikky Alexander (b. 1959) is a Canadian artist based in Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited internationally since 1981. Working across mediums she is a leading practitioner in the field of photo-conceptualism and is known as an installation artist who uses photography, drawing, and collage. She is one of Canada’s most acclaimed contemporary artists and has been recognized in Japan, Korea, Europe, New Zealand and the United States. Her work often includes, appropriated photographic images from advertisements and fashion editorials as well as landscape murals and postcards collected on her travels.

Linder (b. 1954, Liverpool, UK) is a British artist who is internationally renowned for her photomontages and performances. Linder’s production from the 1970s demonstrates her early interest in gender performativity and the commodification of the body. Linder combines imagery that portrays women’s sexuality and domesticity to openly criticize conventional female roles and representation. She culls these materials from contemporary and vintage hardcore pornography publications, large-scale calendars showing idyllic English gardens, as well as automobile, culinary, and fashion magazines.

Pam K (b. 1986) is a florist, horticultural therapist, activist, and gamer. A floral designer with a Bachelors in Visual Arts, her arrangements usually center contemporary culture and politics. She has designed arrangements that have been exhibited at museums and cultural venues in New York, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. Pam K currently works for the Hort Society of NY as a horticultural therapist. Pam works with incarcerated students on Rikers Island where their most recent project is the cultivation of a cut flower area.